What is she doing?

Work is going well.  It is really challenging on several levels.  First of all, I’m not an administrative genius.  I try really hard, but it’s really not my strength.  And that is the bulk of my job.  I love working with entrepreneurs…people who are laying everything on the line for a dream.  I love the flexibility of working for a start up.  Today I was in my pajamas until 10:30, talking to my boss.  By 11AM I was on a conference call with a NASCAR team.  I spent the balance of my day at Starbucks, talking to sub-contractors in Puerto Rico, interviewing someone, keeping updates on the Phillies’ score.

I have to admit something, though.  I miss the dental implant world.  Today I got my Osseonews newsletter in my inbin, and I found myself reading up on the latest bone grafting material.  Yesterday I chatted with my friend and helped her a bit with the latest marketing materials for a course that they are having, that I worked pretty closely with my doctors in creating. 

I’m not looking backwards.  I know that the grass on that side of the fence is brown to me…dead, at least working for that particular company.  But I love the industry.  I miss working with my doctors…not only the faculty members, but the trainee doctors as well.

Relationally, life is really interesting.  My girl friends are coming back into my life…and frankly, I like it.  I need some female influence in my life.  Not having expectations is really helping.  Being happy for the time & exchanges that I have is really freeing. 

I have one friend with whom I have an ongoing dialogue.  I am really enjoying it.  We talk for hours, and it seems like minutes.  I love the challenges that are presented.  It’s refreshing to have someone in my life who asks tough questions.  He knows more about me than my friends do.  This is uncharted territory for me.  I find myself vulnerable, transparent, honest.  After our conversations, I can’t sleep.  When I finally fall asleep, I wake up thinking about the conversation.  Not in a crazy girl kind of way…more like my brain is being exercised, my faith is being so vigorously exercised, my beliefs are being scrutinized.  When you wake up the day after arduous exercise, you wake up sore.  That is how my brain feels right now.  Feel the burn, brain.  Feel the burn.

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