Confessions part 2

I’m going to stop referring to myself as a hypocrite.  Decided that as I was deciding upon a title to this post.  That took a lot of energy…just kidding

I’ve been posting anecdotes that I find a bit funny at a new website.  Check out my ruminations at  A few other people in the world–besides me–find me funny. 

Saturday as I was being all sorts of introspective, I came upon another issue that I have.  I am attracted to men with a certain physique.  Don’t judge me.  We all have our types.  For so many years, I’ve hidden behind my body, dismissing people because they couldn’t “see my inner beauty.”  I’ve come face to face with this realization countless times, making the commitment to eat better, to exercise, to do whatever it takes to have less to hide behind. 

Saturday, after coming face to face with yet another skeleton in my closet, I got up, put on my shoes and swooshie pants (not in that order) and went for a walk.  And I did the same yesterday.  Today, I took the stairs up and down, everytime I left my floor.  And I parked as far away as possible.  Long story short…I am making better decisions.  Guess I’ll be switching over to…it hurts me to say it…Light Beer.  I’ll have to stick to Heineken Light and Sam Adams Light and Corona Light since they are the only light beers that taste like beer. 

Ewww…does that make me a girl?

One thought on “Confessions part 2

  1. ugh…it does!!!!!!!! my theory is B is thin enough for us both…so i can enjoy my “good beer” as i refer to the super-not-light stuff! LOL…i think there are enough calories & carbs in 1 to count as a meal! i love the stuff though… 🙂

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