Integrity and Trust

Integrity and trust are two things that are invaluable, necessary for a relationship to grow.  Friendships are made and grown when they are present; the greatest relationships falter when one or the other is broken. 

I have come to realize, very recently, that sometimes my expectations of people are not voiced, too high or both.  So, what I perceive as an affront is actually my own doing.  My friend said it to me something like this…(We) guys get along well with each other because we know that we’re not all that good.  We don’t have high expectations.  And I think that is why girls like having guy friends. 

I walked away with fresh eyes pertaining to some of the relationships I had written off or from which I was hurt.  I’m going to make some phone calls or write some notes.  What good is it form me to walk around feeling rejected when I’ve not made the effort myself?

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