Ahead of the bell curve…haha

So, I’m proud of myself.  I’m actually ahead of the game.  It’s Thursday at 7:40PM EST and I am finished all of my work for this week.  All of my school work, that is.  And I’ve had meetings and doctor’s appointments and disctractions all week.  And I did nothing school related on Sunday.  So, whatContinue reading “Ahead of the bell curve…haha”

Initial reflections of a seminarian

Well, I’ve discovered something about myself that I have forgotten over the past year plus that I had off from the world of academia.  I love the world of academia.  I love reading, studying, constructing, deconstructing.  I love writing papers, posting thoughts on a discussion board, posting comments to others’ thoughts on discussion boards.  IContinue reading “Initial reflections of a seminarian”

One life at a time

It would seem that it is pretty obvious that in the few weeks preceding something like starting seminary, life would get pretty intense.  Duh, right?  I think that they should write some kind of disclaimer in the application and in the registration forms that once you make the decision to attend seminary, all hell willContinue reading “One life at a time”

Monday thought download

It looks like I’m gonna be taking classes this fall.  For real.  For seminary.  Liberty University DLP MDiv.  Lotsa letters.  I honestly have no idea how this is going to work.  It looks like, starting in September (you know, when classes get into full swing…) I’ll be working just about every Saturday.  So I guessContinue reading “Monday thought download”