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Ahead of the bell curve…haha

So, I’m proud of myself.  I’m actually ahead of the game.  It’s Thursday at 7:40PM EST and I am finished all of my work for this week.  All of my school work, that is.  And I’ve had meetings and doctor’s … Continue reading

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Yesterday I made a stand.  Sunday is my sabbath.  From school.  From work.  From anything that will cause me stress (except football, of course.) It’s not easy to take a rest when you have hundreds of pages of reading looming.  … Continue reading

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Initial reflections of a seminarian

Well, I’ve discovered something about myself that I have forgotten over the past year plus that I had off from the world of academia.  I love the world of academia.  I love reading, studying, constructing, deconstructing.  I love writing papers, … Continue reading

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Evangelism class

Dear Liberty, I have to admit.  I was more that a little skeptical when I saw the books for my evangelism class.  But, I have to tell you.  So far, I’m enjoying the class.  And it has not yet begun. … Continue reading

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I’m gonna be working, working, working…

Oh my flipping goodness.  I was finally able to access my syllabi for my first two classes.  It was nice having a social life.  ‘Cause that is over for the next three years.  I have to start reading.  I have … Continue reading

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One life at a time

It would seem that it is pretty obvious that in the few weeks preceding something like starting seminary, life would get pretty intense.  Duh, right?  I think that they should write some kind of disclaimer in the application and in … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday people :)

So, I got some of my books for my first set of classes.  OK.  I got one book, one workbook and the multimedia for my first set of classes. I will go on record as saying that I cannot wait … Continue reading

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Saturdays off for a while

Well, today is the last Saturday that I have to work until September 8th.  Thank God.  I am going to miss our doctors.  I really do enjoy being around the doctors, and I have loved the opportunity to learn more … Continue reading

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Monday thought download

It looks like I’m gonna be taking classes this fall.  For real.  For seminary.  Liberty University DLP MDiv.  Lotsa letters.  I honestly have no idea how this is going to work.  It looks like, starting in September (you know, when … Continue reading

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I feel naked.  I got me some contacts tonight 🙂  I keep pushing up my phantom glasses.  Guess that’s a nervous habit rather than a necessity. I’m going to San Diego on business in Octover or November.  I can’t wait.  … Continue reading

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