Yesterday I made a stand.  Sunday is my sabbath.  From school.  From work.  From anything that will cause me stress (except football, of course.)

It’s not easy to take a rest when you have hundreds of pages of reading looming.  And several research papers. 

But, this is the way that I think about it.  If God had to take a break after He created the heavens and the earth, I should probably take a week off between doing anything.

So, there you have it.  Taking a sabbath.  Every Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. two comments…

    1. with as much reading and studying as you are about to have, your body will need a day to rest…force yourself to rest…the reading and writing will be there on Monday, trust me…

    2. God will honor you leaning on Him…He will make your other 6 days feel like 6 weeks if you honor that one day of rest…and rest is not defined as sleeping all 24 hours…watching the Pats is resting…

    I’ll quit preaching…


  2. Funny that we’re having this dialogue when, just a few moments ago, I was reading about modernizing theology….I wonder what all of the pompous theologians would say about incorporating football into the sabbath…lol

  3. your post brings up an interesting question to me – why is it that Jews honor sundown friday – sundown saturday as their sabbath, and christians honor sunday sunrise to sunset as their sabbath???

  4. The reason that we have our sabbath on Sunday is because tradition says that Jesus was crucified on Friday (before the Hebrew Sabbath began) and rose on the third day which would be on Sunday.

    So,..Christians honor the Sabbath on Sunday because it is the day that Jesus walked out of the tomb 🙂

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