Ahead of the bell curve…haha

So, I’m proud of myself.  I’m actually ahead of the game.  It’s Thursday at 7:40PM EST and I am finished all of my work for this week.  All of my school work, that is.  And I’ve had meetings and doctor’s appointments and disctractions all week.  And I did nothing school related on Sunday.  So, what I’ve learned is that God blesses you when you follow His commands.  Like taking a Sabbath.

Instead of resting on my laurels (whatever that means) I am pressing forward.  I already began my reading for next week in Theology.  I have to critique an article in one page, double spaced.  Ummm…..yeah.  That should be interesting.  And my professor takes away points for being over the limit.  Here’s hoping that I lose my verbosity 🙂

Off to learn about how all language is meaningless.  Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Ahead of the bell curve…haha

  1. two things…

    1. “resting on your laurels” is one of those scholarly terms that I was talking about earlier in the week…ask Dr. Chuck…things like that is why God put him in my life!!!

    2. I’m glad to know someone else struggles with a one page double spaced paper…You better make your point…

    rock on’…


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