Happy Thursday people :)

So, I got some of my books for my first set of classes.  OK.  I got one book, one workbook and the multimedia for my first set of classes.

I will go on record as saying that I cannot wait to start classes.  I do have one bone to pick with Liberty University.  We’re in the 21st century, right?  Well, one of my classes has videos on VHS.  I don’t even own a VCR.  So, in addition to the heinously high price I paid for the stinking videos, I now have to purchase a VCR.  Seriously.  What a crock.

In other news…tonight I went to an IVC BBQ.  It was fun.  It is an organization that introduces international visitors to Philadelphia to Philadelphia (or in my case, Delaware Valley) natives.  It was fun.  The food was great.  I went with two of my Korean colleagues.  Interesting stuff. 

My boss made a funny.  We were standing in line for drinks.  He chose a glass of red wine.  He asked me what I would like, and I said I’d like a glass of white.  He said, “Why, because you’re white?”  I said, “Su Min, I know we’re at an international event, but that wasn’t nice.”  He said, “No, Deneen.  Your surname is White.”  At that point, I had to laugh.

Reminds me of a story.  I was born in the Cooper Medical Center in Camden.  Camden is a predominantly African-American community.  My grandfather walked into the maternity ward and said, “I’d like to see the White baby.”  He almost got run out of the place, until he was able to explain that my last name was White.  So you see, my life started with controversy 🙂

Well people, I have to get some sleep.  And I should probably get some work done as well.  Apparently my latest hat is “real estate mogul.”

More on that one later.

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