I feel naked.  I got me some contacts tonight 🙂  I keep pushing up my phantom glasses.  Guess that’s a nervous habit rather than a necessity.

I’m going to San Diego on business in Octover or November.  I can’t wait.  I love San Diego.  It will be awesome to get out there and be able to have some fun as well as work.  I told my boss that I’d be willing to stay out there.   He told me that I’m not allowed.  Oh well.  I tried 🙂

Oh yeah.  I’m going to Cali in August for fun.  I can’t wait to get out on the west coast.  See some friends.  Check out my friends’ church.  Dip my piggy toes in the Pacific.  Have some chick time.  I can’t wait for vacation.

On the God front.  I am sad that Jerry Falwell passed today.  I can’t say that I know all that much about him, but he is the founder of the seminary I’ll be attending…via distance learning…beginning in the fall.

Speaking of seminary.  I’m glad that one of my friends in the blogosphere Chill Pastor is going to be going to seminary via distance learning as well.  Today he wrote…basically everything (the anxieties) that have been keeping me up at night.  I know that God will work everything out.  I just need to trust Him.  In the most real sense.

Gotta run.  It’s Idol time.

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