Initial reflections of a seminarian

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Well, I’ve discovered something about myself that I have forgotten over the past year plus that I had off from the world of academia.  I love the world of academia.  I love reading, studying, constructing, deconstructing.  I love writing papers, posting thoughts on a discussion board, posting comments to others’ thoughts on discussion boards.  I love the interaction with professors and fellow students.  In short, I love school.

Admittedly, after two years of living without the structure of turning in assignments, etc, I was overwhelmed by the process of organizing my time so that I can accomplish all of the work on my plate.  But…being on the other side of the organizational process, I find myself alive.

Today I read a few chapters of my Systematic Theology book.  As the rust and cobwebs fall off my brain, I find myself understanding why the study of theology is so important.  On the flip side, I can also understand why some people, after studying in seminary, become agnostic or atheist. 

For myself, I look forward to discovering facets of God that I could not find without the help of the wise people who have gone before me.

I also find it incredibly amusing to gauge the reaction of people, specifically men, when they notice the textbooks that I am devouring.  Why is it that (some) men are so intimidated by women who are studying the things of God???

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