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So…I filled out my FAFSA.  I’ll be registering for classes this week.  *YIKES* I signed up for Pastoral Counseling…but I’m not 100% settled with that.  Leaning more toward Cross-Cultural /Missions or Evangelism & Chruch Growth.  Why do I feel a … Continue reading

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Ice, perspective and seminary

Looking out the window, the world looks so beautiful.  Everything is so shiny…the light reflecting off of the trees would make a breathtaking photo. But, the reality of it is that when you step outside the door, NJ is a … Continue reading

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Penny for your thoughts

You know that you are an avid blogger when people call to make sure that you are ok after a day of silence 🙂 I’ve been trying to process things that are being thrown at me right now. I’m scared … Continue reading

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Wow. I’m not even registered for seminary–they keep sending me emails that I have yet to submit transcripts (that they are requesting for me) and I already have an email address and an advisor. I was at Temple for three … Continue reading

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Seminary…once again

Well, I’ve been conditionally accepted to Liberty. Yesterday I received an email (on New Year’s Day) saying that I could begin taking classes because they’ve received my application. Today, however, I received an email from my admissions dude saying that … Continue reading

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Anxiety vs. Truth

This morning I woke up anxious. Anxious because I’m not in Hammonton, working at my friend’s salon. Anxious because I’m still not feeling 100%, heck even 75% better from this cold. Anxious because I need to find a job. Anxious … Continue reading

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Well, kids. I did it. I applied to seminary. The application and the check are in the mail. Liberty University. So that I can live in NJ and study via distance learning. I actually did it.

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