So…I filled out my FAFSA.  I’ll be registering for classes this week.  *YIKES* I signed up for Pastoral Counseling…but I’m not 100% settled with that.  Leaning more toward Cross-Cultural /Missions or Evangelism & Chruch Growth.  Why do I feel a bit light-headed right now?  lol…sigh

Ice, perspective and seminary

Looking out the window, the world looks so beautiful.  Everything is so shiny…the light reflecting off of the trees would make a breathtaking photo. But, the reality of it is that when you step outside the door, NJ is a sheet of ice right now.  Taking to the roads (and sidewalks) is very dangerous.  AddContinue reading “Ice, perspective and seminary”

Penny for your thoughts

You know that you are an avid blogger when people call to make sure that you are ok after a day of silence 🙂 I’ve been trying to process things that are being thrown at me right now. I’m scared to prayer right now. I’d been taught that prophesy should be confirmation, not information. OverContinue reading “Penny for your thoughts”

Seminary…once again

Well, I’ve been conditionally accepted to Liberty. Yesterday I received an email (on New Year’s Day) saying that I could begin taking classes because they’ve received my application. Today, however, I received an email from my admissions dude saying that they did not receive about 2/3 of my paperwork…umimportant things like transcript requests, the seminaryContinue reading “Seminary…once again”

Anxiety vs. Truth

This morning I woke up anxious. Anxious because I’m not in Hammonton, working at my friend’s salon. Anxious because I’m still not feeling 100%, heck even 75% better from this cold. Anxious because I need to find a job. Anxious because I’ve taken the first step toward seminary and now the “reality” of it isContinue reading “Anxiety vs. Truth”