Ice, perspective and seminary

jigsaw_pieces.jpgLooking out the window, the world looks so beautiful.  Everything is so shiny…the light reflecting off of the trees would make a breathtaking photo.

But, the reality of it is that when you step outside the door, NJ is a sheet of ice right now.  Taking to the roads (and sidewalks) is very dangerous.  Add to the ice on the streets and sidewalks the rain falling on top of it and the the temerature drop that we are expecting, and you have a recipe for many people to fall, get into accidents.

Isn’t it interesting how a distance of 3 feet can completely change one’s perspective? 

Yesterday, when I received the email that said I was accepted to seminary, I smiled quietly.  But then I continued on with my day as if nothing were different.  I could only fathom the daily impact of my decision:  extra reading, papers, homework assignments. 

Sitting here now, I am beginning to understand the eternal impact of the decision.  God has brought me to the threshold of a dream that is well over 24 years in the making.  I’d go as far as to say it is a dream that has been in the works since before He created the heavens and the earth.

I am going to seminary first and foremost to learn more about the One for whom I profess that I live my life.  I cannot think of a word to aptly describe how I want to get to know Him more.  I want to read the Bible in its original languages so that I can discern the layers of scripture…culturally and linguistically.  It is my hope and prayer that this deeper knowledge of the church, of the Bible and most importantly, of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will change my life in such a way that others’ lives are transformed as well.

I’m not romanticizing graduate school.  I know that it, combined with work and my current ministry, will be quite a hearty endeavor.  For the next three years or so, beginning in the summer session of ’07, I am willingly relinquishing much of my “free time.”  I find it ironic even saying that considering that Iknow that my time is not my own. 

The prayer that I’ve been praying as I wake up in the morning is, “Lord, may every breath I take be glorifying to You today.  May I live my life in such a way that every breath is a prayer to You.” 

Isn’t it amazing how such a seemingly small change in perspective can change the framework of one’s life?

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