Well, kids. I did it. I applied to seminary. The application and the check are in the mail.

Liberty University. So that I can live in NJ and study via distance learning.

I actually did it.

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3 Responses to Seminary

  1. Dr Chuck says:





  2. Chill Pastor says:

    Let me also echo what my Dr. friend said…Now, I am looking at Seminary as well and haven’t found any school that offers more than 2/3 on line…can you email with details you have on the “off campus” program? thanks…


  3. Pastor John says:

    The first step of any journey always begins the same, with the first step, nothing more nothing less ,it’s a step. But when the step is God ordained, the anticipation mixes with excitment producing that all important action of TAKING the first step. May God bless the many steps yet to follow!

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