Seminary…once again

Well, I’ve been conditionally accepted to Liberty. Yesterday I received an email (on New Year’s Day) saying that I could begin taking classes because they’ve received my application.

Today, however, I received an email from my admissions dude saying that they did not receive about 2/3 of my paperwork…umimportant things like transcript requests, the seminary questionaire. You know…papers that have my social security number on them. Hopefully it’s merely an oversight on his part.

Edit: They have received all of the papers. It helps to check voicemail, eh?

So, I’m going to seminary folks. I am really excited. The more I look at the classes I have to take, and the number of classes I have to take, I’m getting a bit overwhelmed.

Lord, I surrender all to You. Even school.

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One Response to Seminary…once again

  1. Chill Pastor says:

    you gotta take it one class at at time…I get more than overwhelmed when I look at it as a whole…you gotta eat an Alligator one bit at a time….


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