I’m gonna be working, working, working…

reading-glasses.jpgOh my flipping goodness.  I was finally able to access my syllabi for my first two classes.  It was nice having a social life.  ‘Cause that is over for the next three years.  I have to start reading.  I have to buy a VCR.  I have so much to do that I am going to feel guilty sleeping

Had a little bit of a disappointment today.  Found out that someone got a position that I kind of wanted at work.  I didn’t know that I was able to apply for it.  She did and got it.  In all honesty, she will do a wonderful job and I’m really happy for her and proud.  I just wish that my company had a method of communication.  Heck…I kinda wish that they knew what that word means. 

But, this is the place that God has placed me.  He is not surprised at all of the stuff that is on my plate.  He is not surprised that my life looks like it does.  Yeah…I’m shocked.  But Him…He knows all.  Yesterday a woman told me to lean on God.  I am not so good at leaning on Him.  Guess I have to learn.  Either that or I’ll lose my mind.

So, I’ll see all of you in three years.  On the other side of seminary.  LOL 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m gonna be working, working, working…

  1. May I suggest the Evelyn Wood speed reading course??? LOL. If God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it! And yes, lean on Him, when you’re not strong, and He’ll be your strength, He’ll help you carry on….you know the words, sing along with me!!!

    Take care,
    Love Briggitte ^i^

  2. AMEN!!!…My three years will begin September 4th. I have my reading glasses strategically placed at work and at home…I am trying to map out my daily routine…Glad to hear you point out that leaning on God thing…I forget sometimes He is “I AM!”

    Enjoy the ride…I plan on doing the same…Chew on Philippians 1:6 today…

    Blessings from Georgia…


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