Saturdays off for a while

Well, today is the last Saturday that I have to work until September 8th.  Thank God. 

I am going to miss our doctors.  I really do enjoy being around the doctors, and I have loved the opportunity to learn more about dental implants than I will ever need to learn. 

BUT…I need my weekends back for a little while.  I have to begin to prepare for school.  I start in a little over a month.  Today I was trying to figure out how I’m going to do it all.  I have no idea.  No idea at all.  It doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day.  Or in the week.  Or in the month.  So, I will have to rely on God to get me through it. 

Yesterday I went to a funeral in Somers Point and then to lunch in Ocean City, NJ.  Can I tell you that I did not want to come back to the western side of NJ?  I just wanted to walk on the beach, get my toes wet and enjoy the ocean. 

Hmmmmm…..maybe tomorrow I will take a jaunt.  Probably not.

Well, I am absolutely exhausted.  Today’s class and subsequent meeting took a lot out of me.  I am barely able to type. 

Need sleep.  Need much sleep.


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