Sometimes Life is Messy and Grey

When you are completely ensconced in the church–when you eat, breathe, live the church, you are safe and protected.  Yes, there are still human issues, but you generally deal with church people.  You usually live a pretty regular life.  You go to work (if you have a job outside of the church) form 9-5, headContinue reading “Sometimes Life is Messy and Grey”

Oh ye of little faith

One of my favorite Bible stories is Noah.  At the end of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain, flooding, overall destruction of the world, God shows Noah a rainbow.  God tells Noah that the rainbow is His promise that the world will never again be destroyed by a flood.  Everytime I see aContinue reading “Oh ye of little faith”

Confessions part 2

I’m going to stop referring to myself as a hypocrite.  Decided that as I was deciding upon a title to this post.  That took a lot of energy…just kidding I’ve been posting anecdotes that I find a bit funny at a new website.  Check out my ruminations at  A few other people in theContinue reading “Confessions part 2”

Hypocritical confessional

Today I realized that I am hypocritical.  I know that doesn’t surprise many of you 🙂 I’ve had an extended dialogue about dating that has been going on for months now.  Literally months.  I keep talking about how dating is good…how people shouldn’t be afraid of dating.  Then I realized that it’s not like I’veContinue reading “Hypocritical confessional”

I should take my own advice

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is living out her dream…I mean the kind of dream that you have when you are eight years old.  She was trying so hard to explain to me everything–the emotions, the excitement, the dream hangover of the next day.  She was frustrated because the words escapedContinue reading “I should take my own advice”