So, I don’t know if anyone read my post from earlier asking for prayer.  Irregardless, something happened today.  Suddenly I found myself…breathing normally.

I also had a conversation with a friend today that I’ve not spoken with in a while.  Sure, it was on facebook chat, but it was a conversation that I needed to have.

You see…what seems like so many years ago, my friends and I gathered regularly and prayed.  We prayed for the present.  We prayed for the future.  We prayed that we would walk in God’s will, that one day the dreams that He had placed in our hearts would come to pass.  Today, as I talked to my friend, I learned that today is her future.  All of those hours that we invested in prayer what seems like a lifetime ago…those prayers are being answered.  In ways that are blowing her mind.

I’ll shoot straight here.  My mood is directly correlated to what I see God doing.  Lately, I’ve been walking along in a fog.  I have not seen God in anything.  I freely admit it is because I’ve not been looking.  Instead of looking for him in the still quiet moment in the middle of the storm, I’ve been screaming at Him at the top of my lungs, begging Him for relief, for recognition, for vindication.  Today, for a few minutes, I took my focus off of myself and, low and behold, God is moving.

Sure, my job isn’t the best situation.  My living situation could be better.  But that doesn’t mean that God isn’t moving.  I have to take a minute or two to stop being so selfish, so self-involved and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me.  I have to remember that there are other people in the world.  And I have to know that whether or not I can see it, God is doing something special in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Father, thank You for being who You are.  You amaze me.  Your grace IS enough.  I love you.  Without You, I am a pile of filthy rags.  But, through Your sacrifice, I am made whole and beautiful. 

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