What is so amazing about grace?

All throughout this week, I’ve been walking around wondering what is wrong with me.  I have these unrealistically high expectations for myself, and when I don’t meet them, I tend to beat myself up.  This week was probably the worst it has been in a very long time. This was the first week of myContinue reading “What is so amazing about grace?”

Valentine’s Day

I think that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day that has been set aside to show people that you love them.  Thank God we have Hallmark to remind us, for one day, to love people.  In case Jesus didn’t stress it enough in the Bible.  I don’t know why, but this day seems to bring out insecuritiesContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Completely random thoughts strung together…

I wonder if next week at this time I will see fit to be awake and on the frigid beach praying. With an attitude like that, I’m going to make sure that I’m snuggled in my down coat, even if it’s snowing on the beach. Especially if it’s snowing on the beach. Last night IContinue reading “Completely random thoughts strung together…”

Anxiety vs. Truth

This morning I woke up anxious. Anxious because I’m not in Hammonton, working at my friend’s salon. Anxious because I’m still not feeling 100%, heck even 75% better from this cold. Anxious because I need to find a job. Anxious because I’ve taken the first step toward seminary and now the “reality” of it isContinue reading “Anxiety vs. Truth”