Oh ye of little faith

One of my favorite Bible stories is Noah.  At the end of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain, flooding, overall destruction of the world, God shows Noah a rainbow.  God tells Noah that the rainbow is His promise that the world will never again be destroyed by a flood.  Everytime I see a rainbow, I have a sense of peace knowing that it represents a promise of God.

I’ve had this recurring *thing* in my life..a fear that plagues me like none other.  This weekend, I was especially plagued by this fear to the point that I dreamed about it.  Yesterday, as I was washing my car, I saw a rainbow and God made a promise to me, that I had no reason to allow this fear into my life.  He said to me, “Deneen, I will not allow *that* to occur in your life again.”  I believed what He said…barely.

This morning, I got the email that I have been dreading.  I did some investigation, and it turns out that things are not nearly as bad as they were in my mind.  After I discovered this, I heard, “Deneen, what did I promise you?

It wasn’t an I-told-you-so moment.  It was the gentle voice of a Father, reminding His child that His word is true.

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