I made a vow

I made a vow a few months ago when Barack Obama was elected president.  I vowed to support him and to pray for him. I am having a huge problem doing either thing that I promised.   He is a really smart guy.  But he is so indebted to the people who got him electedContinue reading “I made a vow”

Journalistic ethics?

I never took a journalism class during my tenure as an English major.  So perhaps I heard a false rumor.  I was under the impression that journalists are supposed to report the news objectively.  It is humanly impossible to completely remove one’s opinion from something one writes.  But is it not ethically required of journalistsContinue reading “Journalistic ethics?”

Why I like Sarah Palin

I’ve taken a LOT of flack for supporting Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin in this election season.  I’ve had Matt Damon quoted to me by several people.  I’ve been told Sarah Palin is inexperienced, unqualified.  One of my more open-minded friends called her a furby. In written form.  For all to see.  Nice,Continue reading “Why I like Sarah Palin”

Getting some ink tomorrow

Ink pens and a moleskin that is 🙂 Looks like I’m going to be quite the traveler.  My boss has decided that the misunderstanding that we had earlier this week was because we should be spending more of our time together…and that I should be in more meetings with him.  (Hence the need for theContinue reading “Getting some ink tomorrow”