Journalistic ethics?

I never took a journalism class during my tenure as an English major.  So perhaps I heard a false rumor.  I was under the impression that journalists are supposed to report the news objectively.  It is humanly impossible to completely remove one’s opinion from something one writes.  But is it not ethically required of journalists to at least try?  I understand that they don’t have to take an oath or anything like that. 

I can’t tell who most of the news agencies in the US are trying to get elected, can you?  I mean, the bastion of non-partisan reporting, the NY Times is constantly reporting so positively on John McCain and asking Barack Obama the tough questions.  CNN hacked a quote (you can read the article in its entirety here,) and when interviewing her, tried to make Sarah Palin look like an idiot. 

Journalistic ethics are dead in the US.  Which consequently is applauded by my fellow Americans rather than raising doubts in their minds. Perhaps that is because they still believe what the liars journalists are saying.  David Letterman and Jay Leno are supposed to asses.  It’s why people watch them.  However, all of this bias raises questions about the integrity of the majority of the media here in the US.  Basically, they have none.

This is what I don’t understand.  Hopefully some of my erudite readers will be able to help me wrap my feeble, Temple educated brain around it.  When have you ever, EVER seen the media so biased?  Think about this logically, my open-minded reader.  If John McCain were friendly with Bill Ayers-a man who at one time bombed buildings, do you think that the media would be sitting on the story?  Or refuting the relevance of the story?  If John McCain were in bed with ACORN, do you think that the media would be treating it so lightly? 

And why are they attacking Joe the Plumber?  He was playing football in the front yard with his son when Obama’s entourage appeared.  He asked a question on the minds of millions.  And how the bottom-feeding media questions whether or not he’s a real plumber?   Maybe the media should do its research (isn’t that journalistic ethics at best and integrity at least) on the apprenticeship of a plumber BEFORE they attack his credentials.

Basically, people are being fed nice and sweet Kool Aid when it comes to Barack Obama.  He’s a great guy.  He wants to lower your taxes.  He wants to spread the wealth.  If you inserted heavenly music, the media is making the case for him being the second coming of Christ.  I’m sure, were I to meet him, I would find him charming, smart and very likeable.  I just don’t trust someone that the majority of the media likes so much.

When the press leans so far to one side, we are living in dangerous times.

Please, enter the voting booth cautiously, and well-educated.  Do some research.  Read sources that are biased for the other candidate.  See if perhaps what you are reading makes sense. 

I’d be lying if I said I don’t care who wins in November.  The fact is what makes this country so great is that we all have a right to voice our opinions.  That there are so many divergent opinions makes this debate vibrant.

Hopefully all of this will remain true on January 21.

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