Random thoughts

Nancy Pelosi should not be re-elected.  I hope that California takes care of that. But I know how that state works…they are probably throwing her a ticker tape parade for being so liberal.

Paulson should be fired.  I hope that President Bush takes care of that.

Democrats need to realize that the US is not a socialist nation.  And we don’t want to be.

Republicans need to realize that they are not likeable. 

Politicians–across the board–are not trustworthy.  Not on the city level.  Not on the state level.  Not on the national level. 

I personally think that those on Wall Street who earned a lot of money selling those bad securities deserve to be stripped of their assets.  Those assets should be used to “create stability in our economy.”  And they shoud NEVER be allowed to work in a financial industry again. 

I am sick to my stomach that I have to cast a vote for one of the two fools who are running for president on November 4.  Part of me prays that my trip to Asia extends past that date so that I don’t have to cast my vote.

Barack Obama makes me want to vomit.  I see him, and I see a snake slithering around in the grass.  His running mate…leaves me speechless, and NOT in a good way.

John McCain…I don’t find you all that appealing, but I trust you ever-so-slightly more than your challenger.  I still like Sarah Palin.  The more I read about her, the more I like her.  I just wish that she would stop playing politics and admit her mistakes.

Does SNL really dictate the US vote?  If that is the reality, then Americans are the stupidest people on earth.

The media in the US is COMPLETELY BIASED.  If you don’t think so, then you are probably biased in the same direction.

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