Mixed signals

Dear America,

You confound me.

You tell me that you voted for Barack Obama because you want change.  I find that highly ironic since you also elected most of the incumbents back into office.

Let’s take my state, NJ, for example.  This state has some of the highest taxes in the nation, as well as some of the highest car insurance rates.  But, the people of this state re-elected everyone who already held office into the US Senate and US Congress.  In my city, Woodbury, which is financially a disaster, whose downtown district is embarassing at best, the mayor was re-elected, even though, under his watch, businesses have moved out in droves.  Yes, we have a new fried chicken joint and a new pretzel shop, but do they really count as “restaurants?” 

So, what is it, America?  Do you really want change?  Because the way that you voted says something completely different.

I want change.  I didn’t vote for one incumbent.  I think they are doing a TERRIBLE job.  But you guys, you majority, are obviously happy with the way things are going.  Because you re-elected people who, in the real world, in corporate America, would’ve been FIRED.  LONG AGO.

So, what is it America?  Do you really want change?  The state of our country has considerably worsened in the last two years.  Why, oh majority, did you re-elect the people who’ve gotten us into this mess?

But…Obama is now will be my president on January 20th, so I will pray for his success.  The incumbents are still around, so I pray for their success.

Oh yeah.  George W Bush is still the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  LET’S TREAT HIM WITH THE RESPECT THAT THE OFFICE CALLS FOR.  AND Barack Obama isn’t the president-elect just yet.  That comes in December when the electoral college gets together.  You can look it up in wiki.

2 thoughts on “Mixed signals

  1. Hey Deneen.

    Loving the new template. Very fresh.

    The American people… A different bunch. 🙂 I guess they were so desperate for a saviour they were willing to do whatever it takes to get their perceived saviour in power.

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