Getting some ink tomorrow

Ink pens and a moleskin that is 🙂

Looks like I’m going to be quite the traveler.  My boss has decided that the misunderstanding that we had earlier this week was because we should be spending more of our time together…and that I should be in more meetings with him.  (Hence the need for the moleskin and the new pens)  I’ll have the opportunity to travel pretty widely across the world.  I am excited because my passport is getting dusty.  Looks like my first trips abroad will include Puerto Rico (even though, technically, that isn’t out of the country as it’s a US territory) and China.  We have some things stirring in the middle east as well…I’m laughing out loud as I type this.

Well, my plans to get my “Sarah Palin is my hero” tattoo tomorrow have been delayed.  I was advised by a good friend that I should wait…or get a temporary tattoo.  If they win in November, though, I’ll be a follower instead of a leader 😀

I watched the McCain-Obama debate tonight.  I feel less comfortable with the candidates than I did before watching the debates.  I didn’t think that was possible.  Barack Obama is a much better orator, but that doesn’t make me feel better.  Hitler was a great orator as well.  My grandmother grew up in Nazi Germany and remembers much of what he said, because when he spoke, people listened.  (PLEASE NOTE:  I AM NOT COMPARING BARACK OBAMA TO HITLER. THAT WOULD BE AN INSANE COMPARISON.)  John McCain has much more experience, but he came off as somewhat condescending tonight.  Basically, I don’t think that anyone won the debate.  I don’t think that we have two great candidates running for office.  Frankly, I’m concerned.  Neither candidate actually answered the questions directly that were answered.  Neither could say what part of their plan would be changed to help alleviate the Wall Street debacle that is going on.  Neither has a solid, workable plan on Iraq, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela…I guess what I mean to say is foreign policy. 

Does it bother me that Palin has not left the country?  Not really.  Foreign travel to the average person–someone who only visits the cities or the resorts–is complete crap.  You don’t see how the average person lives…you see a glamorized picture of an exotic destination.  You generally don’t smell the sewage, see the people living off of your trash in the dumps or hear comprehend the propoganda that is being spewed. So, as long as Sarah Palin is educated on the issues of the world, I don’t care if she’s seen the glossed over parts of the world that she would have visited.

I’m conflicted.  I admit that I make decisions with my gut…maybe more often than I should.  In general, my gut serves me well.  I can’t recall the last time that my guy really led me astray.  My gut tells me that the McCain/Palin ticket is better for the country as a whole.  They seem to be a team.  I admit that Sarah Palin doesn’t know every last detail of John McCain’s history, but that doesn’t scare me.  That she admits that she doesn’t know makes me feel a bit more confident in her.  My gut tells me that the Obama/Biden ticket is riddled with problems.  I think that Barack Obama is a bit too smooth.  And Joe Biden…what good has he done for the state of Delaware let alone the country? 

So, this weekend, while reading the book I have to review for next week, I’ll be hitting the books (aka the internet) and trying to find a non-partisan resource to research the candidates.  Then we’ll see how good my gut is.

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