Hi China :)

Should I be afraid  concerned that someone from Beijing read my blog for nearly 30 minutes?

I’m not.  As a matter of fact, it was quite appropriate.

On Friday, I had a meeting to discuss options for health insurance for our company.  (I told you I’m in WAY over my head, didn’t I?)  Anyway…somehow I found sandwiched in a conversation with two democrats…both of them are very intelligent, logical people.  But I completely disagree with just about everything that they said.  But…two against one…really not good odds for me.

Prisoners of war came up.  I don’t agree with the US torturing prisoners of war.  I think that they should be allowed a fair trial.  I understand that they are terrorists, but their humanity (ie being a human being) trumps our suspicions.  Somehow I found myself reminding my fellow Americans that there are, in fact, US citizens being held indefnintely in China, for bringing Bibles into the country.  I was told that we have no right to complain what China or any other country is doing if we are holding prisoners of war ourselves.

This is what frustrates me about…this train of thought.  The people that we are holding in Guantanamo Bay, as far as we all know, are suspected terrorists.  You know–people who HATE the US and want to kill innocent people.  Have we really forgotten 09/11?  I remember exactly where I was, the temperature and the light level of the room.  I remember the face of the guy who delivered the news to our public speaking class.  That does not mean that I think that these people should be denied due process.  I do. 

But, how can we compare suspected terrorists to people who bring Bibles or preach Christianity in a country?  How is this comparing apples to apples? 

Furthermore, these two people stood there, looked me in the eye, and told me that they think our taxes should be raised.  And they told me that there should be exclusive schools for the most gifted students. 

When I listened to their argument(s) for the democratic party, they made sense.  Until I walked away from the conversation and thought about them rationally. 

This upcoming election is going to be interesting.  Some people are going to vote for what is best for them personally.  Others are going to vote for the better good of the whole.  The problem is that we all believe that we’re voting for the betterment of the whole.  Which is not true.

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