Political questions

Here are some questions that I have for anyone who is willing to answer.

1.  Why is it acceptable for people to love Barack Obama, despite his lack of executive experience, because he’s a great orator, but not for people to like Sarah Palin because she has speaking skills and executive experience?

2.  Why do men dress down on the campaign trail, but women still dress up?

3.  I am pro-life, but I don’t think that Roe vs Wade should be overturned.  Does that make me conflicted or logical?

4.  Why can’t creationism and evolution be taught in schools?  If Christians believe so deeply in creationism, they shouldn’t be threatened by evolution.  It everyone else believes so deeply in evolution, they shouldn’t be threatened by creationism.  Maybe parents need to take an active role in their children’s education rather than allowing a teacher to do all of the educating.

5.  Why are so many women who supposedly want to have a career and family so threatened by Sarah Palin?  Maybe I’m naive, but she seems more balanced than everyone’s girl Hilary Clinton is.

6.  Does anyone else thing that hacking into someone’s personal email is a crime?  Why aren’t more people outraged?  And, for the record, I think that the founding fathers were ROLLING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES WHEN THE CONSTITUTION WAS INVOKED DEFENDING THAT HORRIBLE WEBSITE FOR POSTING THE EMAILS.  THAT WEBSITE IS A BOIL ON THE BUTT FACE OF THE UNITED STATES.

I think that’s enough.  Chew on that.  Please…talk back.

4 thoughts on “Political questions

  1. My daughter knows the boy who hacked into Sarah’s email. He isn’t very technical at all. He typed her email address into YAHOO, and there was a “Did you forget your email?” link, so he clicked that. It asked him two or three privacy questions that he could answer by googling, since all of Palin’s private information is now public knowledge. It then asked him to enter a new password. So, on a lark, he did. The next thing he knew he was being threatened by police to one year in jail. He is very sorry.

    I do think that Roe V Wade should be overturned, but it won’t be in the current moral environment. If Roe was overturned, it would not make abortion illegal. It would only give states the power to restrict/illegalize it. If a state legislature did make abortion illegal, people would just get illegal abortions or go to another state, or try to give themselves abortions. The cost of having a baby is just so much greater than the cost of aborting the baby (financially, not spiritually). We need a society that cares and nurtures poor children, so that the poor be more likely to carry their babies to term. The best way to be pro-life is to support poor children worldwide, support universal health care, and to be against any kind of killing.

  2. 1. Because the media finds a weakness in someone worth criticizing (like a person with status) and harp on that weakness until the gullible public believe in it and buy more papers/magazines; watch more stories; read more blogs related to the story and thus create more of an audience to sell to their client and thus create more revenue. Whatever sells.

    Criticizing Barack Obama won’t sell very well, so the majority of the spineless media won’t do it, and therefore in turn the majority of the public won’t no any different.

    On the other hand… Criticizing Sarah Palin does. Simple.

    2. Irrelevant… 😀

    3. Maybe slightly conflicted. It’s a difficult one, because as a Christian you don’t want to make the same mistakes as our fathers by becoming a judgmental monster, casting stones every which way. But at the same time, if people don’t stand up for what the Bible clearly teaches, what would our society become?

    “Humanism is the diguise of a rotting society.”

    4. Because once a system is in place, (no matter how illogical or unsubstantiated it is) it becomes far too great a task to massage into culture a new belief system that almost entirely disagrees with the old. In other words, it’s not worth the effort. That is the reason. Not because there is not enough evidence for Creationism (because there is) but because it is too much effort to change everything.

    5. Because she isn’t Green. In today’s “tree-hugging” society no one likes that. Therefore they’ll find any excuse to be threatened. Whereas the root of it originates elsewhere.

    6. It is a travesty to human rights. I am thankful I live in South Africa. 🙂

  3. Paragraph of 2 of point no.1 was supposed to read as such:

    “…public won’t KNOW any different.”


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