Why I like Sarah Palin

I’ve taken a LOT of flack for supporting Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin in this election season.  I’ve had Matt Damon quoted to me by several people.  I’ve been told Sarah Palin is inexperienced, unqualified.  One of my more open-minded friends called her a furby. In written form.  For all to see.  Nice, right?

Let’s get our facts straight.  Of the four people we will be electing to the Presidential/VP position, only one has executive experience–experience in leadership in government.  Only one has an 80% approval rating.  Sure, she didn’t atend an Ivy League school.  No, she doesn’t have much experience with foreign policy.  Maybe she doesn’t know what the VP’s job is.  How many of YOU know what that job entails? I still don’t…

From what I’ve read, Sarah Palin is extrememly intelligent.  She learns quickly.  What’s more important–she hires well. And prioritizes well.  She’ll hire the smartest people to be her advisors and focus on her strengths. 

What I like about Sarah Palin is that, from all of the junk that was dug up in Alaska over the past two months, (and you know the biased media did everything they could to dig up dirt) she seems to be who she is.  She’s not changed sides.  She’s challenged John McCain on a few topics.  She’s challenged Barack Obama on a few things.  She is a woman of faith and principle, but she puts the good of many people ahead of herself and her ideals. 

I’m voting for John McCain because I think that Sarah Palin has more of a spine than her three counterparts combined.

3 thoughts on “Why I like Sarah Palin

  1. Perhaps Sarah Palin should take note of the “people in glass houses should not throw stones” with regard to her disparaging comments about Obama and his ethics. Please read her fair and diplomatic bidding process for her pipeline project? Long story short–interviewed companies with ties to her administration.

  2. Yes, Paul, but did her associates bomb US buildings? Do they hate the US? Do they hate an entire race?

    Noone in politics has clean hands. It’s just that some have stickier dirt than others. I would hope that the Commander in Chief of the US Armed forces and his/her associates at least likes the US and what it stands for.

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