Apartment hunting…

I’m looking for a one bedroom apartment in Philadelphia.  I’ve found that apartment hunting is much like dating…you have to kiss a lot of frogs to discover the prince.  The difference–commitment.  The apartment and I will be in a relationship for at least a year. I’m ready, willing and able to move.  I’m hoping toContinue reading “Apartment hunting…”

St Patty’s Whirlwind

I am amazed at my dedication to celebrating a holiday I’ve never acknowledged before.   I usually live a pretty boring life.  Work.  Consulting.  Gym.  Little leage baseball.  Tanning.  Reading.  Blogging. Occasionally I go out with my friends.  Usually once every two weeks or so.  I like to pace myself. This weekend, I filled myContinue reading “St Patty’s Whirlwind”


I’m in an ambigous place right now.   I love my life.  My job(s) are going really well.  I’ve adjusted to the dental industry–specifically in a dental office–fairly well.  Sometimes it still doesn’t feel like a real job.  I love the consultation part of my life.  Planning, executing and seeing the end results are veryContinue reading “Ambiguity”

Am I Lovely?

There is a voice that is within every woman that asks, “Am I lovely?”  After 33 years of research, I believe that question arises almost as soon as a female baby enters the world.  Every woman I know seeks an answer to that question, whether it is conscious or subconscious. When I was a kid,Continue reading “Am I Lovely?”

What I learned this weekend

This weekend, as I was dying of a head cold (thanks new friends and co-workers…haha) I read For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn.  Some of what I read was pretty common-sense.  I’ve lived with my father for a long time, and I’ve worked with quite a few men over the years.   The author’s goal wasContinue reading “What I learned this weekend”