Gym observations

I’m such a conflicted woman.  I can’t keep up with myself.

Tonight I drew the short straw at the gym.  I like to get a treadmill that faces the huge television that usually has ESPN playing.  All of those treadmills were taken, so I found myself sweating the pounds off with a view of the weights section of the gym.  I get bored when I’m walking/jogging/running in place, so I tend to watch what’s going on.

Did you ever realize how many couples work out together at the gym?  

Of course, there’s your stereotypical guy in the tight tank top with the sweat pants whose basically flaunting his peacock feathers hoping to attract a girl.  And the middle-aged lurker man who is watching the girls who are obviously way TOO young for him.  And the skinny girls who wear too few clothes, whose makeup is too perfect, whose hair looks like they just walked out of the salon.

Enough of my stalker notes.

Tonight, I felt utterly alone.  I want someone in my life to work out with.  I want someone to be my specific someone.  I want someone to take care of.  And someone to take care of me.  

Enough whining.  I like my life.  I just know that there’s a missing piece.  Every once in a while the hole gets noticeable. Today was that day.

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