Live NOW

It’s so easy to live for the weekend, for a vacation, for a birthday dinner. The challenge we all face is not letting life pass us by whilst waiting for an event. Take a minute to breathe. Feel the air pass through your nose, into your lungs. Feel your chest and abdomen expand. As youContinue reading “Live NOW”

Pentecost in my living room

Can I say something?  I’ve been a hurting, judgmental jerk.  For I don’t know.  About 2 years or so? This morning I got up, and all I wanted to do was spend some time with God…read the scriptures in Acts, worship Him.  A few songs have been going through my mind recently, so I wentContinue reading “Pentecost in my living room”

Monday thought download

It looks like I’m gonna be taking classes this fall.  For real.  For seminary.  Liberty University DLP MDiv.  Lotsa letters.  I honestly have no idea how this is going to work.  It looks like, starting in September (you know, when classes get into full swing…) I’ll be working just about every Saturday.  So I guessContinue reading “Monday thought download”