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Live NOW

It’s so easy to live for the weekend, for a vacation, for a birthday dinner. The challenge we all face is not letting life pass us by whilst waiting for an event. Take a minute to breathe. Feel the air … Continue reading

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Pentecost in my living room

Can I say something?  I’ve been a hurting, judgmental jerk.  For I don’t know.  About 2 years or so? This morning I got up, and all I wanted to do was spend some time with God…read the scriptures in Acts, … Continue reading

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Burning in my soul

My spirit longs for mission.  My heart longs to be a part of something bigger than myself.  I want to sit in a room with the brightest minds of Christianity, of business, of industry.  I want to be challenged by … Continue reading

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Monday thought download

It looks like I’m gonna be taking classes this fall.  For real.  For seminary.  Liberty University DLP MDiv.  Lotsa letters.  I honestly have no idea how this is going to work.  It looks like, starting in September (you know, when … Continue reading

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Sunday reflections

Yesterday’s training was a success by all accounts.  We have 15 doctors who are a part of our training.  They are a great group.  I am looking forward to getting to know them over the next few months. Church today…all … Continue reading

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This morning, I woke up and I was fah-reaking out.  I realized, in an instant, that I have, once again, fallen into the trap of finding my identity not in Christ but in the things that I do.  Like work.  … Continue reading

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Post mother’s day

This year I enjoyed mother’s day.  No, I’m not a mother, but I enjoyed being in the presence of the women who are the matriarchs of my family.  We went to dinner on Saturday night and we spent the afternoon … Continue reading

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My first love

I’ve been very punchy lately.  Seriously so.  I can’t seem to find a comfort zone.  I can’t find that comfort in my own skin.  It’s not that I’m not content where I am.  But I’m not content where I am. So … Continue reading

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Love fest

This morning I came to a conclusion.  I love my life.  I really do.  I work in a great city.  Today was an especially difficult day.  I had to walk 10 blocks in the sunshine and cool air to visit … Continue reading

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Good morning 21st Century

Hello 21st Century.  Glad to meet you! This weekend I gave into my desire.  I bought myself an iPod nano.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Seriously.  I love it.  I spend about 3 hours per day “commuting,” if you include walking … Continue reading

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