Post mother’s day

This year I enjoyed mother’s day.  No, I’m not a mother, but I enjoyed being in the presence of the women who are the matriarchs of my family.  We went to dinner on Saturday night and we spent the afternoon together yesterday.  I have to give glory to God, because He has healed wounds, deep wounds, within my heart pertaining to my grandmother.  I was able to walk into her house with an open heart, spend a great deal of time with her, and not walk away wounded.  It is true that scar tissue heals stronger than the original tissue

Did I mention that my church gave out awesome Mother’s Day gifts?  I love pineapple.  I love hand lotion.  I love pineapple hand lotion 🙂

I am thankful that I serve such a loving, wonderful God.  Right now, I am standing in the middle of an eddy, life swirling in every which direction, barely able, on my own to tell which way is up, and somehow I know that God is in control.  I don’t feel the need to grab the reins of my life.  I am not grasping for the proverbial straws.  I am standing.  Standing on a Rock.

I know that there is something brewing.  Right now I wish it were a pot of Starbucks coffee, ’cause I’m tired.  But I sense some kind of movement on the horizon.  And I hear a rumbling.  It will be interesting to see what occurs over the next month or so.

Well, I have to stop typing.  Pray that the HP lady actually helps me today or I may….I may sigh and call back tomorrow.

And for those who were worried.  My lost co-worker is rumored to be in the US.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll see for myself.

I crack myself up.

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