International Women’s Day

Today is a day set aside to celebrate women. How awesome is that? I’ve always been more of a tomboy…I’d rather watch an action adventure flick than a chick flick. You can catch me on Sunday screaming my head off watching the Patriots instead of doing whatever people do when they’re not watching football. I’veContinue reading “International Women’s Day”

The good and bad of female insanity, part 3

We are competitive—or persistent as the case may be When a woman sees something that she wants, she will go to any lengths to get it.  To any lengths.  If you don’t believe me, head out to the stores on Black Friday—the busiest shopping day of the year in the US.  The gloves come off,Continue reading “The good and bad of female insanity, part 3”

The good and bad of female insanity, part 2

We have lots of insecurities Women are riddled with insecurities.  If you don’t believe me, go into a bathroom in any bar on a Saturday night.  “Does my butt look ok in these jeans?”  “Oh my god, my hair looks so bad!”  Yeah, I go into the bathroom to make sure I still look put-togetherContinue reading “The good and bad of female insanity, part 2”

The bad–and good–of female insanity, part one

I am a woman.  I have to give men a lot of credit.  I don’t know how you deal with women, let alone find yourselves attracted to women.  I work in an office with eight, yes eight, women.  I love all of the women with whom I work.  However, I think having that many women,Continue reading “The bad–and good–of female insanity, part one”

Women in ministry, part deux

Thank you to all who commented/engaged in the discussion about women in ministry.  This is a subject about which I am passionate.  Obviously. I understand that there are several camps:  pro-female pastors; anti-femal pastors; pro-female pastor as long a the women dare not assume a role of authority over a male; pro-female pastor when theContinue reading “Women in ministry, part deux”

Women in ministry. Answers please.

Tonight in my small group, we got to talking about women in ministry.  I have a question to post to all of those opposed to women in ministry–and to those who limit the role of a woman in ministry to women’s ministry and children’s ministry.  If you believe that women can be leaders in theContinue reading “Women in ministry. Answers please.”

The day I got my groove back…

This is totally a chick post.  Consider yourself warned. Today I reclaimed my femininity.  I bought myself some new makeup.  I got my hair cut and colored and bought the necessary product to maintain the look.  I got a new toothbrush.  I wore heels that click when I walk.  You know what?  I feel likeContinue reading “The day I got my groove back…”