The day I got my groove back…

This is totally a chick post.  Consider yourself warned.

Today I reclaimed my femininity.  I bought myself some new makeup.  I got my hair cut and colored and bought the necessary product to maintain the look.  I got a new toothbrush.  I wore heels that click when I walk.  You know what?  I feel like I got my groove back.

There is something amazing about being a woman that I think we overlook.  It is ok to be feminine.  As a matter of fact, ladies, I believe that we should go as far as to embrace it.  It’s something that is much deeper than emotional.  It is embedded in the fiber of who we are.  God created men in one way and women in another way.  So why then are women trying to be masculine and why the heck are so many men giving up on that ruggedness that is supposed to be a part of them?

I appreciate the advances that women have made due to the sacrifices that so many women before me made.  I enjoy receiving a decent salary.  I love the privelege of voting.  I thank God that I don’t have to cover my femininity lest a man should be weak and be lustful. 

I am by no means a feminist.  I do not want men to be immasculated because women have been oppressed.  I want a man to be a man.  Build that desk for me.  Go out in the woods, run around, do man stuff.  By all means, please do not be prettier than I.  Heck…have some stubble on your face.  Be a man.

I appreciate that there are men who will open the door for me because I am a chick.  I love that there are men who protect me because I am a woman. 

So, today I got my groove back.  God is restoring what the locusts have stolen.  God is restoring what I’ve relinquished.  Watch out world.  I’m back.

5 thoughts on “The day I got my groove back…

  1. Ok-you missed it…I laughed and cheered for you…

    Anyway, I was looking foward to being girly-bonding over your new digs…but Kayla might be “relapsing.” We’ll see…hopefullly I will see you soon!

  2. Sooooo, how do I as one who doesn’t have a groove get one? And how exactly would I lose it and hopefully get it back once again???

  3. Sorry…sometimes when I comment I forget to go back and check for further conversation! haha…oops…

    Ok, first of all I am sorry…”relapsing” was too strong of a word. Hope I didn’t worry you. She simply had a stomach virus, but for like a week. The three of us got it and she got the worst…and just as she seemed to get better she had a “last harrah” Satruday night… harrah…is that spelled right? …

    When I feel I’ve lost my groove I have noticed that I have a habit of cutting my own hair…I know that might sound weird, but I do it. See, I am not daring enough to dye it some random color, get a tat, peirce something, and I cannot afford new clothes or a proffessional hairdresser…and although my “groove” is more than likely actually lost in the extra layers of ME that I have packed on over the last year ….(taking in a breath) ….trimming my hair is a quick change/doesn’t last forever/not painful. However, I realized today…as my latest sudden snip is growing out…I cannot cut my hair. So….it has become painful…and thus I am brought back to the things that I really need to do to get my own “groove” back….oh…and maybe throw in a job and a home for extra measure…

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