International Women’s Day

Today is a day set aside to celebrate women. How awesome is that?

I’ve always been more of a tomboy…I’d rather watch an action adventure flick than a chick flick. You can catch me on Sunday screaming my head off watching the Patriots instead of doing whatever people do when they’re not watching football.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life pushing down my femininity…trying not to be too soft. Whenever I feel like I’m painted into an emotional corner, I cut my hair super short and kick ass. Or I crawl into my turtle shell until I feel safe.

I’ve been leery of other women…because I didn’t really want to or try to find common ground.

I’ve actually done research on how to connect with my feminine side…reading articles and trying to make some changes in my life to reflect a softer side of me.

I’m growing my hair. I’m wearing makeup. I’m going to start wearing more dresses. I’m going to allow myself to receive instead of always giving.

I’ve been blessed recently to connect with women with whom I can relate…and with whom I can share stories and experiences and find out…we’re all the same. We all have the same basic set of struggles. We all fight insecurity…and the fear that we’re not enough.

Today, know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. If there is a woman in your life, let her know that she is enough.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, if you are a woman, be kind to yourself. If you are a human, tell a woman you know that she is doing a good job at life.

The truth is that we never know someone’s full story. Most of us, men and women, walk around wearing masks to hide deeply hidden scalars and wounds. Be kind. Be gentle. Love one another.

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