Burning in my soul

aslan-icon.jpgMy spirit longs for mission.  My heart longs to be a part of something bigger than myself. 

I want to sit in a room with the brightest minds of Christianity, of business, of industry.  I want to be challenged by people who believe that they can change the world.  I want to be challenged by people who are changing the world.

I know that God is up to something, but I feel my spiritual muscle atrophying (if that is a verb) and I don’t like it.

Over the past few days, as I’ve been reading the scriptures, everything is about action.  Following Christ is not an adjective; it is a verb.  I want my hands to get dirty by helping those in need, those who do not know the love of Christ.  My heart aches and my spirit comes alive when I am around the dying, the lost, the unlovable.  Around complacency, I feel a fire that will consume anything that does not stand for something.

I don’t know if I make sense as I type through tear-stained eyes.  All I know is that I am not satisfied right now.  And somehow, I feel that God is not satisfied right now. 

Lord, I await my marching orders as I go about doing what it is that you have called me to do right now.  Please give me the strength to continue walking forward.  I know that you are building character.  And I also know that I should buy stock in whatever company produces Puffs tissues.

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