Sunday reflections

Yesterday’s training was a success by all accounts.  We have 15 doctors who are a part of our training.  They are a great group.  I am looking forward to getting to know them over the next few months.

Church today…all I can say is that I serve an AWESOME God.  Seriously.  The stuff that God has been burning out of me, the stuff that He’s been placing into me…it all made more sense today than it did yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be more clear than today. 

For so long, I’ve thought that it was to me detriment that I really don’t believe what people say about me.  If you tell me I’m awesome, I chuckle, knowing that I’m not.  If you tell me that I’m crap, I chuckle, knowing I’m not.  Today, I understand my suspended state of disbelief at my press.  I’m not making sense?  Read on.

I cannot apologize for the grace of God.  I cannot apologize for the favor of God.  I cannot complain at the unfairness of life.  I cannot love God less for the tough times or more for the good times.  I have done nothing to deserve anything in my life.  I did not ask to be born.  I did not ask for God to love me.  I did not ask Jesus to die on the cross for me.  I did not ask the Holy Spirit to be willing to work with a knucklehead like me.  I did not ask God for the gifts and talents that He has given me.

Any good thing that someone sees in me is not me.  It is a reflection of Christ in me.  How then can I boast in the good things?  And, because those good things are from God, how can I then apologize for them?  Let’s be honest.  I have done everything humanly possible to mess up my life.  If I were to receive what I deserve, I would be burning in hell right now, dying of some disease, all alone with noone in my life, penniless, on the streets.  But, by the grace of God, I am alive, healthy, surrounded by people who love me.

So, say all the good stuff that you want.  I probably won’t believe you, because I know what I think most of the day.  Say all of the bad stuff you want.  I know that it is not necessarily a reflection of you or me.

Today, let the joy of the Lord be your strength.  Go forth, and make someone smile.  Just because.

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