The Power of YOU

Yesterday started off so well. My morning was super productive. I felt like a million bucks.

Then…I don’t know what happened.

My energy drained from me, like I unplugged the stopper in a bathtub.

I had been celebrating a victory…a small battle won that felt like a hard fought victory for the good guys.

But I was short-sighted. I lived in the land of when…then.

The truth is that when one fights a battle, it is only to strengthen you for a bigger battle.

I was so happy I got blind-sided.

It’s a good thing I have me. I took myself to the bathroom, and I told myself, “Deneen, no one has the ability to take your power or your energy. You gave it away…now take it back.”

I’m looking YOU in the eye right now. No one has the power to take your energy or your power. If you think you lost it, your deluded. You gave it away. You’re not a victim. Stop telling yourself those shitty lies.

You are a champion. You have all of the power of the universe at your fingertips.

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