Leadership a la Deneen

I’ve learned that management is mistaken for leadership all too often.  Management, in my opinion, is maintaining the status quo.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  For me, this is frustrating.  

I know I’ve been spoiled in the past.  I was introduced to leadership at the first church I ever grew roots in.  My pastor introduced me to John Maxwell.  We read all of his books, applied his concepts to what we did.  Our leadership meetings, back in the early days, included a teaching from Injoy, with John Maxwell sharing a little of what he learned about leadership.

The pastor of that church taught me a great deal about leadership.  He saw things in me that he cultivated.  He saw things in me that I couldn’t see in myself, and he took a great deal of time and effort to do life with me, through my good decisions and my bad decisions.  

I think that there are some people who are born leaders, and others who are born followers.  There are times when leaders have to humble themselves and be followers.  There are times when followers have to stretch themselves and lead.  But for some people leading doesn’t come naturally.  And for others, following doesn’t come naturally.

When I was a kid, I was always the bossy one.  I organized the games in the neighborhood; I was always the teacher when we played school or the mom when we played house.  As an adult, I am attracted to people who are leaders and/or teachers.  I love exchanging ideas, talking about how to make any organization function better.  I could stay up all night talking through ideas–and have one more than one occasion.  I love to learn.  I learn from my mistakes.

When I see great leadership potential in someone, my knee-jerk reaction is to encourage the leader in them to arise.  I find it exhilarating and fun to develop leaders.  I used to joke with my friends that God only allowed amazing people who are world-changers deeply into my life.  I’ve learned recently that it wasn’t a joke.  It’s true.  If you’re in my life–truly a part of my world–rest assured.  You are a world-changer.  And a leader.  Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Leadership a la Deneen

  1. I so enjoyed your writing about your experience and development regarding “Leaders”.

    My friend Becci, who is currently starting a Christian Newpaper, shared the above with me this morning.

    You sounds just like me, only better. I especially enjoyed “I love to learn. I learn from my mistakes”. But there were many other things I related to and enjoyed.

    I’ve recently joined Facebook, and after seeing yours I’m trying to figure out how to reconfigure mine where I could post “my feelings and thoughts” as I think your exercise is a wonderful way to share, motivate yourself, but especially share and motivate others!

    I’d love to talk to you or even chat. I’m a Remodeling Contractor in Arizona, (www.andiamoaz.com) that also developed a contractor network. (www.enjoyouremodel.com) with the sole purpose of helping fellow contractors. It’s been a concept, much to my surprise, that has been very difficult to catch on for many of my group.

    Recently “Walked Through The Valley”, as in Psalms 23, 1-6, and am coming out stronger while taking my experience and approaching work at a different angle. This will allow me to continue “sharing and helping others”, while pursing a slight different focus on the business model.

    Anyway, can’t figure out how to invite you as a friend on my facebook and vise a versa. If you get this you can contact me on my facebook. Kim Wallace, Scottsdale AZ. Or, call me. 602 717 4454 (My other website is Andaimoaz.com Andiamo means “Let’s Go?” in Italian.

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