God’s interested in the small things

Sunday, I had an experience that reminded me of who I am.

While I was looking at pictures, remembering a great day, I saw a picture of me wearing earrings that I used to wear on the daily. I had a passing thought of how I missed wearing them which left my head as quickly as it entered.

A short while later, I was getting ready to go to my parents’ house for Easter, and I remembered those earrings, as well as a necklace that I used to wear constantly.

I asked, almost flippantly, “God, I’d really like to find those earrings and necklace.”

My jewelry situation is a mess. I have everything smashed into two boxes, no organization, everything twisted together.

The next thing I knew, I found one earring. Then the other one. For about a year, I thought I had lost one of the earrings. Bam…after a simple request, I had my pair of earrings.

Then I saw a glint of gold. I found the necklace I was thinking about in a twisted mess of necklaces.

Honestly, I didn’t have the patience to untwist the mess of necklaces, so I simply said, “God, help me get this out.” It took less than a minute.

Then this morning, I was reading in Exodus the details of the tabernacle. Have you ever actually READ it? God told Moses exactly how many rings he needed to hang the curtains. He laid out the exact embroidery pattern he wanted on the priests’ garments.

Yet, we question whether or not God is interested in our lives?

How dare we be so obtuse!

The truth is that God is interested in the smallest details of our lives. If his eye is on the sparrow, if he cares about the lilies of the field, why wouldn’t he care about the beings that He created in HIS IMAGE?

For a long time, I’ve been hiding, denying who I really am. The past few days, I feel like the veil has been torn off me, the scales have been ripped from my eyes, and I am remembering how only WHO I FUCKING AM but also WHAT THE FUCK I’M TRULY CAPABLE OF.

God didn’t put me on Earth to be a meek and mild girl, cowering in a corner, censoring my words to make others happy. He put me on earth to lead a revolution of politically incorrect people who will change the world, one person at a time.

There is a tribe of people who have been waiting for me to wake the fuck up from the slumber, to reclaim who I am, and start leading them.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here I am. I know that you are lurking, watching, quivering, knowing that your turn is next. You are scared. You feel unworthy. You are uncertain that you can actually do it.

Here’s your call to action. Subscribe to this blog. Details are unfolding about how we are going to link arms and uncover our inner badasses together.

Are you ready? Subscribe!!!!!!




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