I dare you…

This morning, God dared me to do something that I haven’t allowed myself to do in a long time. Dream. I don’t mean daydream about things that I want. I mean He dared me to dream about those things that I can only do through Him.

Joseph was a dreamer. His brothers sold him into slavery because they couldn’t bear the weight of his dreams. Turns out, that was all a part of God’s plan for not only Joseph, but also his family and millions of other people.

Dreaming is kind of tough when there are bills to be paid, tasks to be completed, and seemingly no resources for those dreams to be fulfilled. Dreaming the kind of dreams I have it made even more difficult by not being planted in a church…by being a wanderer in my own hometown.

Here are my dreams, laid out for all to see:

1. I want to preach the gospel on every continent. (After this winter, I may opt to skip Anarctica, but if it’s God’s will, I’ll put on my snow suit and go.)

2. I want to see my nation fall on its face and worship God, not the god that is the United States, wealth, self-interest.

3. I want God to use me to help end slavery, once and for all.

4. I want to love God more today than I did yesterday.

5. More than anything, I want to be available for God to use in any way He sees fit. And by any way, I truly mean ANY WAY.



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