Leadership is a well-designed dance.  There are times when the moves are graceful and lovely.  There are other times when the moves are visceral and move you to your core.

Being a leader is tough when you are not in a position to act on the instincts that naturally arise.

Being a leader does not necessarily mean that you have to have a set of experiences that are similar to the industry in which you find yourself.

I know that there are aspects of leadership that can be learned, but I believe that leadership is something that is in your DNA.  Maybe one day they’ll find the gene.

How do I know this?  When I was a kid and I played with the neighborhood kids, I was always the person who organized the games/activities.  Some might say that I was bossy, or because I’m the first born, but I think that it was an undeveloped leadership trait.

A good friend of mine used to say that as a leader, you have to learn to step on toes without the person losing their shine.  I have two left feet.  Sometimes this is a problem.

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