Day off

Some days just put things into perspective.

I needed a day off.  Seriously.  I got up late, threw down a protein shake, and headed off to get a massage and a touch up.  I’m gray, proud, and hiding it every four weeks.  When I got to the salon, they didn’t have my name in the book.  Because the girl who took my appointment put me in March instead of February.  The owner is a good friend, so I got squeezed in.  Apparently I’m so stressed and tight, I need therapy between massage visits.  I am now the proud owner of a tennis ball with a smiley face so that I can roll my back on it to get rid of the knots.  Apparently, even my feet are tense.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

After the salon, I headed into Philadelphia to look for apartments.  I’m 33 years old, and I’m sneaking around Philadelphia looking at apartments.  I wish that I were joking, but I’m not.  Apparently my parents think I should buy a house.  With a savings account of about $0.25, I don’t think anyone will lend to me in this market.  I found a great place.  It’s close to everything, new, clean.  I’ll have a parking spot in a gated parking lot right next to my apartment.  The management company is two doors away.  I think I’m gonna sign a lease 🙂  But shhh….don’t tell my parents.  I have to break the news to them.  If you have any suggestions, I’m game.

After apartment stalking, I sat for a bit in my friend’s coffee shop.  She made me the most beautiful latte I’ve ever seen…great coffee, great service.  I’m going broke when I move to Philly ’cause I’ll always be there.

Then I had dinner with my friend.  It’s so refreshing to have someone in my life with whom I can talk about things and not feel like I’m being judged.  I just enjoy being around him.  It amazes me that a year ago we were friendly but today I can’t remember life before I knew him.  I think one day we just might dominate the world 🙂

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