My boss is back from his trip west.  He brought me back a t-shirt and a book for my birthday.  The t-shirt is a “life is good” t-shirt.  It has a coffee mug on the front and says, “Start me up.”  The book is How Starbucks Saved my Life. Haha…it saves my life everytime I visit.

He’s a good guy.  From the day I started, he told me that the only time I would get into trouble is the time that I don’t take a risk.  I find myself still afraid to stick my neck out there, though…waiting to get into trouble for the small things.  I can’t wait for the day to come when I make a decision without worry.  I’m still quite emotionally scarred from my previous experiences. 

There is a lot going on in my brain.  My mind is a scary, scary place right now.  Sometimes I worry that people can hear what I’m thinking.  I really shouldn’t worry since lately I’ve been writing all of my thoughs here on the bloggity blog.  I should change the name of my blog to TMI.

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