I’ve made a grave mistake.  Recently I have started reading blogs from people who are in Africa. 

I am very lustful right now.  I want to travel.  I want to go somewhere far away and build something.  Or hug some little kids.  Or just listen to the stories of people who are living lives completely outside of my own experience, and soak in their culture, their hearts, their ability to survive.  I want to make a difference in someone’s life.

But…then I look around, and I realize that I pass by hundreds of experiences everyday as I drive through Camden, my windows up and doors locked; as I walk through Philadelphia sort of acknowledging people with whom I am not traveling, sometimes buying coffee or food for someone but never truly interacting with them; as I hang out at the baseball fields, watching my nephew play, rubbing shoulders but never truly connecting with the families of the children playing baseball.

However, my passport is getting a bit dusty.  It needs to leave the US. 

Anyone want to run away with me?

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