Road Trip!!!!

So, I decided to take this road trip because it’s been a year since I traveled up north for myself.  I was in Boston and NYC for dental meetings, but I didn’t get too much free time.  If I did have “free” time, it was spent hanging out with co-workers which really didn’t amount to free time.

So, I packed my bags on Wednesday and headed north.  I honestly have little expectation aside from seeing my relatives and hoping that the knot in my right shoulder would go away.  There are some questions to which I want answers.  But it seems that rather than answers, I’m only discovering more questions.

I am very excited that I was chosen to review Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  Apparently I’m doing a giveaway on my blog as well…I’ll have to dig into my creativity to figure out how to facilitate that 🙂  Hopefully one day I’ll be the author asking people to review my books and giving away books.  That thought makes me smile.  Broadly.

I’m sure that I’ll have more to share tomorrow…for now I’m downloading some picutres and heading to sleep.  Or reading a couple chapters of The Shack.

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