Checking in from Syracuse

I made it to Syracuse today.  It was an interesting day for a drive…drove through a bunch of storms on my way west.  It was nice to take a road I’d not traveled. It made the trip a bit more intriguing.  I took lots of pictures of clouds.  Don’t worry…I’ll post them later, now that I am becoming a picture freak.

It’s good to be here…I haven’t seen my Oma or the rest of my family in a year.  It’s been way too long.  Honestly, over the past year, I’ve been so stressed that I would’ve been terrible company anyway.

We’re getting ready for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I’m a bit mixed on China hosting the Oympics.  Hopefully my gut is way off on this one.

Looking forward to starting my new job on Monday.  I still feel like I’m in WAY over my head…but somehow these things always work out for me.

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