The grass IS greener…

So, I started the new job today.  Wow.  That is all that I can say.

My boss is energetic.  He is really smart.  He is intense.  He is fun.  I am very happy that I have made the move.

I’m really trying not to make comparisons to my previous job, but it’s kind of tough.  Today, the first thing that I did was change my desk so that I could face my boss instead of having my back to him all day.  So–I had to move the desktop computer to one desk.  He told me that I should drink some water because I had done so much.  I laughed and told him that on my first day of the last job, I actually built the furniture, so this was nothing.  I forgot to mention that I also walked 10 blocks in heels to buy the wireless modem for the computer as well as all other office supplies. 

One of my first tasks is to hire a bookkeeper who we hope will also utilized in an administrative capacity as well.  And I have to hire the person, along with our accountant.  Within one month, I’ll have a person reporting to me. 

Today I honestly went through sensory overload.  I know that I learned a lot.  I know that I accomplished quite a bit.  I can’t give you a list of what I’ve accomplished though…cause my head is still spinning.

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3 Responses to The grass IS greener…

  1. anne says:

    what can u hire me to do?? lol…not the bookkeeping…math is NOT my strong suit! 🙂 glad it went well!!!

  2. Mike says:

    yay for you!!! I am glad that you are happy at the new job…

  3. deneenwhite says:


    We are going to be growing. A lot. Exciting time!

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