Random thoughts on a Friday evening

  • The Delaware River has a lot of water.  Tonight as I was crossing the river on the train, I saw how small the boats look in comparison to that huge river.  God is the most creative One in the universe.  How can that be an accident?
  • Speaking of the train, I closed my eyes and for a moment I thought I was in New England, coming home on the train from Boston to Worcester.  I had a tender moment.
  • I love working in Philadelphia.  I love the energy of the city, the whole vibe that is going on.  I’m concerned about the upcoming mayoral election, but things cannot get worse.  Right?
  • I love that God is willing to keep nudging me when He has something to say to me.  I love that He will not allow me to sleep until He speaks His mind.
  • I love that God knows what to say to bring peace to a troubled spirit.
  • I love that when God speaks, I can open up my Bible and back up what He’s saying.  Or more to the point, He generally sends me to the scripture that will back up what He’s saying.
  • I love that I do not serve a cookie cutter God.  God has made all of us out of completely different moulds.  I only have to walk the path that God has given me, not the path that He’s given you.  And likewise, you only have to walk the path that He’s given you and not the path that He’s given me.
  • I love my job.  Yes, I get frustrated.  But I work for some of the most sincere, kind people that I’ve ever met. 
  • Dentists are interesting people.  They absolutely have a game face and then a personal face.  The difference in the nuances of the tonality of their voices.  I’m looking forward to the beginning of our training sessions. 
  • It’s kind of pathetic that I am single, 31, and home blgging instead of being out doing something fun and interesting tonight.
  • My nephew tonight told me that I am the prettiest girl in the world.  I literally teared up.  I don’t feel so pathetic after all.

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