Marathon day

Well, I made it through my marathon day and am still employed 🙂  Actually, I had a great day today.  Emotionally and spiritually I was in a funk, but God still showed me His favor.  Though at a few moments it seemed as if things would unravel pertaining to the meeting I was hosting, everything came through in the end.  Now if I can only locate my missing coworker, I’ll be golden.  Haha

I have to learn to balance being detail oriented with being innundated with details.  Lately I’ve found myself missing that balance.  Fortunately, work-wise, the end result is excellent.  I find that other areas of my life dictate more action and less planning, if that makes any sense. 

Yeah…I don’t know if I am making any sense.  It’s probably exhaustion.

Goodnight.  Sleep well.  And as you go out into the world tomorrow, make someone’s day.  Smile.  Say thank you and mean it.  Buy a harried looking woman a coffee.  Be genuine.  Be like Jesus.

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