Asian fusion

chinamap.gifGod has been building this foundation in my life…one that I have fought tooth and nail.  (I don’t even know what that means…but it sounds appropriate.)  Anyway.  My last job in corporate America was for an Asian language publisher in Boston.  Our bread and butter was textbooks teaching Mandarin.  It was a difficult job, but somewhere in the midst of the difficulties, I found myself embracing Chinese culture.  I felt just as comfortable in Boston’s Chinatown as I did in Back Bay…maybe even more comfortable. 

My new job in corporate America is working for a Korean company.   I am learning…attempting to learn as much about the Korean culture as I can.  We tend to eat at the same restaurant most days, which is an Asian restaurant that sells Japanese/Korean food. 

I remember distinctly, on several occasions, praying about missions, asking God to send me on the mission field.  One of my pastors, when I told him that I wanted to be a missionary, told me that I should find a people group and learn as much about them as possible, and that perhaps God would send me.  I was taking Spanish classes in school, so I chose a Spanish speaking country.  I don’t even remember which country I chose.  (I do remember what country I didn’t choose, but that is another story.)  I also remember that I asked God not to send me to Asia

God has a sense of humor. 

Today in church God was reminding me of promises that He’s made me.  He continues to assert that His promises will co me to pass despite my circumstances.  I saw the flag of China, and for the first time, I realize it’s redness as we were singing a hymn about the blood of Jesus.  I don’t know how.  I don’t know when.  But I know that I will step foot in China.  My heart aches and longs for China. 

How did this happen?  What is God thinking, seriously?  If you knew my circumstances, you’d be laughing out loud at my declaration.  But, with my understanding of God, I’m going to start learning the language.  And perhaps some Korean as well.

One thought on “Asian fusion

  1. Wow! How amazing ; to be able to step back and to see the pieces of the puzzle being pulled together so that one day you will be in China. What an awesome declaration for a country that so desparetly needs the love of our Saviour. How awesome is it too, that you are willing to be used by Him in all of these things. I shall be looking for new “Asian infusions!”

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